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Dynamic intake
Dynamic intake

Dynamic intake

Category dynamic intake is dedicated to the arrival of air in your racing engine.

For one good preparation engine, an engine needs gasoline and air and the more it has air the more it is possible to pull power and torque after adjusting obviously. So you should not take the air in the engine lightly if you want to pull the maximum.

So we put online for you a wide range of air performance filters and Air intake kit.

For preparations based on the original engine of the vehicle you find here a range dedicated to the air filter greenreplacement sport that goes up in place of your original filter while leaving more air. A filter, a good reprogramming and you will no longer recognize your engine.

For one engine preparation more advanced or when making a swap, for example, you will need to opt for a direct admission or dynamic intake.

We strongly recommend placing your filter as much as possible in fresh air for better performance.

Choose the size of the intake kit for the turbo engine.

Before you can apply the magic formula to know the minimum size of the air filter you need, you should convert a few units.

1) You need to have the engine cylinder in CI (cubic inchs):

Cylinder in cc3 ( cube centimetre) / 16,387 = CID in CI

2) PSI overpower pressure:

Sural pressure x 14 = PSI sural pressure

(3) Now the formula for inches 2 air filter size:

((sural pressure in PSI / 14,7) + 1 )x Cylinder in CI x RPM max / 20839

4) Convert inches 2 to cm2 :

Result in2 x 6,452 = result in cm2


So now in application, if for example I have a 2L engine of cylindrical (donc 2000cm3) with a sural pressure 1,5bar and a maximum speed of 7000trs/mn.

1) Cylindrical conversion to CI:

2000 / 16.387 = 122.05 CI therefore our engine is 122.05 CI.

2) Conversion of sural to PSI

1,5 x 14 = 21 psi so we blow at 21psi.

(3) Surface calculation in 2

(21 / 14,7) + 1 )x 122.05 x 7000 / 20839 = 127.96 in2

4) Convert result to cm2

127.96 *6,452 = 825,6 cm2

So you need a filter with a minimum of 825,6cm2.

If you take a Boost filter Ø13,5cm and height 20cm, you calculate the surface:

13.5 x 3.14 x 20 = 847,8 cm2

This filter is therefore compatible with our mounting!

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Filtre à air green Diamond

Le filtre Green Diamond est un filtre au profil universel haut de gamme. Le diamant possède un chapeau en aluminium poli en haut du filtre et à la base du filtre. La conception vortex permet de garder un bon flux d'air vers le moteur pour une puissance maximale. Le filtre Diamond se resume en trois mots qualité, éfficacité et performance

Price €82.11
Délais 4 à 6 jours