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Electric water pumps
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Electric water pumps

The use of an electric water pump in the engine preparation can intervene in two cases, either your original water pump is not sufficient for the use of the engine or you want to mount a water pump in addition to the origin.

In engine preparation for motor sport, on some engines the original water pumps are no longer able to meet the needs of the engine as for example on mini R53 the pump is driven by the compressor so if the compressor is changed or it is removed for a turbo mount it is therefore necessary to find another way to circulate the water in the engine. The solution is the large flow electric pump instead of the original. In addition to replacing the origin it is even better performance! No one will complain about having a better cooling on his racing car. In addition to hundreds pumps it is possible to vary the speed of rotation according to the current sent. Managed electronically so you can maintain your engine at an optimal temperature.

In the second case, it is referred to as an additional water pump, on turbo engines, for example when cutting the engine after a roll-out session the body temperature of the turbo is several hundred degrees. As the original pump is mechanical, once the engine cuts the water no longer circulates. The result is an increase in the cooling fluid on all hot areas of the engine. The best thing is to keep it circulating when cutting the engine to keep cooling quietly. The solution is to mount an additional pump, you can simply connect it to a switch, with a timer or many other ways. Thanks to this system the water will flow into the engine even after the engine is turned off.

It is also possible to use an additional water pump when mounting an air/water exchanger. This pump will be designed to circulate the water in the circuit which will be completely separated from the engine cooling circuit.

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