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Injector fic

Fuel injector Clinic has been run by motor sports enthusiasts for over 60 years!

Based in Florida, their goal is to provide ever more performance, more power while keeping reliable products.

It is for this purpose that they work with many teams, mappers around the world.

The FIC brand offers a wide range of injectors for motorsport with flow rates ranging from 300 to 2200cc to meet all the engine preparations for either the track or the drag you will find the injectors that will suit you to get the most out of your engine.

Moreover they offer a range of injectors specifically dedicated to many models of vehicles in addition to traditional ranges. For example you have a M3 that you pass in turbo, at FIC they offer you specific injectors for M3 with a flow ranging from 650 to 2150cc. No head socket you are certain that the injectors delivered will be ideal for your engine.

All the specificities of the injectors will be provided with when buying: dead time, max power depending on the gasoline pressure, pressure flow etc. You will only have to enter these values into your programmable management and the tour is played.

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