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Admission butterflies street version - swapland

Street version

What is a street butterfly admission?

The street range of Dbilas is specially developed for engine optimization without having too many modifications to be made when installing these parts.

Dbilas has indeed tried to develop their products to the maximum in order to come to place and place your original intake system. You dismantle the origin and you date the news with all the accessories needed for adaptation.

On some models it is possible to choose between different diameters of butterflies and to choose an optimised "chip" to put in your original calculator. This eprom is specially developed to make your engine run optimally with its butterfly intake. You just have to install and enjoy everything!

Please note if you have other modifications on your prepared engine like cam trees or larger valves for example, you need to redo your own engine mapping optimization.

We advise you to place an AFR during the installation of a butterfly intake to control your wealth of air essence.

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