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Sport braking: pads & sport brake disc


Making a vehicle that accelerates hard is good but you should not neglect braking. When the engine power is increased, the braking power must also be increased, one is not going without the other. From the simple improvement of the discs brake Originally to grooved or pierced discs, from the replacement of your pads by sport pads or squarely by the replacement of the standard brake kit to a large brake kit, this is where it happens.

There are different ranges of performance brake pads, there are sports brake pads that are destinyare increase the original braking while keeping the same user comfort. They are intended for use on the road in sports driving.

There's a mix plateYours which can be used on track as on road, it is a good compromise for people on road and on track from time to time.

Then there are brake pads competition for track use only, their goal is to brake as hard as possible. The concept of braking comfort does not exist with this range but the performance is optimal!

At the performance brake discs, there are also different models available according to your needs. The grooved brake discs aim to increase the power of your braking, the pointed or pierced models go quant enabling them to improve braking cooling and grooved pointed models are the combination of both.

The competition brake discs on bowls are the top at the level of braking because, in addition to significantly increasing braking, the aluminum bowl reduces the weight of moving parts.

Performance brake fluids have a much bettere held in temperature in front of traditional liquids, they are intended to keep alls their properties during extreme solicitations as during track sessions.

In summary, braking est a very important point when preparing a competitive vehicle because good braking will allow you to grapple time in turn.

The first one that brakes is a coward!!!

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