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Ground connection
Ground link and transmission

Ground connection

At first we gathered here different brands ofsports shock absorbers as V-maxx, Bilestein or Gaz-shocks so that everyone can find them sport suspensions which will suit you in terms of price and performance.

Then in a second time we selected for you a wide range ofdisc blockers type "ZF". ♪ disc blockers put online here will help you better pass power to the ground. ♪ Kaaz are renowned worldwide for their performance, they are made in Japan.

You will also find what to increase the performance of your engine thanks to light engine steel. These are competition are carved in the mass and generally reduce the weight of your engine steering wheel by half, which provides you with more straight-up climbs.

reinforced clutches are intended to pass the power of your engine prepared to the gearbox. There are three different levels of clutch depending on the level of your engine optimization.

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