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Ass joint
Reinforced ass joint

Ass joint

In this category you will find the ass joints reinforced. The performance ash joints are composed to improve the strength and strength of your engine. It is strongly advised to mount a competitive ash joint when you increase the compression of your engine or when you increase the pressure of the turbo.

COMETIC ash joints are composed of three stainless steel sheets to improve strength and corrosion resistance. The outer leaves have a Viton elastomer coating for better sealing and temperature resistance (up to 250°C). Available in several thicknesses, these joints are ideal for aluminum ass mountings / cast blocks and aluminum ass / aluminum blocks. In addition, their composition can withstand the shearing constraints created by the aluminum ass on the cast blocks: the ass clamping is no longer necessary.

The various diameters of reinforced joints allow you to adapt to a very large number of engine configurations such as when you realize your engine block, so you need a joint with a larger diameter than the origin.

They also allow you to modify or adapt your volume ratio according to your needs thanks to the different thicknesses offered by the manufacturers.

Due to their design, the competition joints require that your joint plans be irreproachable for optimal operation.

A reinforced butt joint allows you to fiabilize your engine but also optimize it!

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