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Passenger compartment
Interior and bodywork: accessory and equipment

Passenger compartment

The purpose of improving your vehicle’s interior and bodywork is to increase safety when you’re looking for high performance. This also improves aesthetics (auto tuning) or simply brings new features such as the full HD onboard camera system for an exceptional rendering of your driving sessions. Swapland offers you equipment for the passenger compartment and bodywork of your very good quality automobile at an ultra-competitive rate. In addition, a constant renewal of the equipment promises you to always have access to the latest technologies to optimize your cabin and improve your bodywork.

Safety and efficiency are the master words of a cockpit of a racing car, comfort does not come into play. The goal is to protect you to the maximum while remaining effective. For example, a fiber or tubular seat will protect you in the event of a shock but it will at the same time improve the feel of the vehicle and keep you in place during turns etc. The same applies to safety harnesses.

The tulip or not steering wheels will allow you to have a much better grip than a standard steering wheel and thus a better driving precision. Moreover, thanks to the quick system you can dismantle the steering wheel in a fraction of a second, which will facilitate the rise or descent of the vehicle often complicated due to the safety bow etc.

As far as the exterior of the vehicle is concerned, we offer various accessories such as adaptable wing towers that will allow you to pass the front or rear train of your bolide in wide lanes without the wheels exceeding the bodywork. A good alternative to large kits that are much more expensive and complicated to pose. The second advantage is also that these wing extensions will allow you to trim your wings and thus be able to scratch a few cm less on your body height so to decrease its center of gravity and increase the road holding.

It's crazy how four pieces of plastic can change many parameters!

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