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Bucket cushion
Bielle pad reinforced trimétal competition

Bucket cushion

Find the full range of paddles trimétal, to allow you to maximize your engine.

ACL is an Australian brand specializing in manufacturing paddles and vilebrequins for the competition. This brand is recognized worldwide for the quality of its products and is specially designed for competition engines.

The installation of trimthal pads allows you to increase the load on the pads, which happens when you prepare your racing motor.

paddles Reinforced are available for many 4.6 and 8 cylinder engines.

When does the load increase occur?

*When you increase the maximum engine speed.

*When you increase the power pressure of your turbo engine.

*When you change or change the profiles of your cam trees.

*When you use more fluid oil and/or increase the engine operating temperature. *When you change your engine block's run or run.

To summarize, when you start changing the performance of your engine, it is strongly recommended to put trimthal pads that will protect it from the break.


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