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VERKLINE chassis preparation - SWAPLAND


Verkline is a designer, developer and manufacturer of performance parts for the chassis of racing vehicles. These products include tubular cradles, reinforced triangles, gearbox supports etc. many other performance parts. Verkline is constantly evolving in order to always drop track time either in trackday or in drag.

Verkline design, adapts and tests their products in their development center in Poland and in conjunction with other top preparers worldwide. They also test their products by professional drivers on circuits such as the Nürburgring. They also produce parts for the largest categories of motor sport such as the WRC or the e-TCR with racing vehicles that compete on the whole earth.

When the tests are completed and the parts validated, they are sent to the production department to be modeled and then made in larger production. Once made Verkline makes the assembly and then the quality control before the shipment of these. All steps are controlled from the "headquarter" in Poland.

All parts are digitized in 3D and then machined on very high precision machining centers. The best materials are used such as BS T45, 25CrMo4, 15CDV6, S355 for tubes and metal parts. In combination with these quality materials, Verkline uses rotules for motor sport of different sizes.

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