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Durite silicone : durites 45 to 180° - top purchase


Silicone Durite, the ideal product for overpowering but not that:

Whether you're working on your own power supply circuit during swapping or optimizing your engine, you'll find here a whole range ofreinforced silicone durites supporting the pressure very well.
You can also make your engine cooling circuit using thesesilicone durites.

You can also use the silicone durites to make your oil vapour recovery circuit to go to your waste picker.

reinforced silicone durites support much better technical constraints than traditional durite.

Manufacture of a silicone durite:

The durites are made of multi-layered silicone, made of layers of silicone and layers of superimposed polyester. A layer of silicone, a layer of polyester etc.
For our range of products durites Boost-products For example, which is the best price ratio you will find, the durites are in 3 folds up to the inner diameter 38mm then they are made in 4 folds from the diameter 41mm.
A 3-fold durite is a durite that has 3 layers of polyester and 4 folds with 4 layers.
They resist much more pressure than traditional durite and support all types of vapours (oil etc).
Thanks to a wide range of different diameters, shapes, Durite silicone to meter, Reducing silicone, straight sleeve, durite silicone elbow 90°45° and 180°. You must find them heresilicone duritesYou need it.

To achieve its installation:

We advise you to:

  • Put these down. strengthened durites withclamps t-bolt to ensure optimal maintenance in all circumstances.

  • To connect your reinforced silicone durites, the ideal is to use our range of aluminium tubes and elbows.

Attention :

  • when you talk about size silicone durites, we talk about inner diameter
  • When we talk about tube and tube aluminium elbow (or stainless steel) we speak of outer diameter.

    That way if you take one reinforced silicone and a 63mm tube, for example, the tube will fit perfectly into the durite.

Astuce: if you need to cut one silicone, we advise you to put one t-bolt necklace at the place where you need to cut not that the durite deforms and cut with a cutter all in turn the collar.


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