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Flat fan
Flat fan and extra-platum competition

Flat fan

Optimize the cooling of your engine with our range Extra-flat fans.

L'one of the problems when making a swap or when preparing a competition vehicle is the place in the engine compartment. These are extra flat fans are specially designed to take as little space as possible while keeping an optimal cooling of your prepared engine for the competition.

The radiator racing vehicle being often replaced by a more efficient model to increase the heat exchange between the water circulating in the engine and the air that passes in, these performance fans brand Spal or not are intended to be attached directly to the radiator thanks to a fixing paw system. So more need to take the head to change and adapt your original support,

We distinguish three types fans competition:

  • There are blowing fans that are intended to be attached to the radiator to blow the air in it.
  • There are the aspirants that fixed themselves at the back of the radiator to suck out the air.
  • Then there are the mixed ones that are reversible, they can either aspire or blow. Just reverse the meaning of the wires to turn them from one direction or another. These are versatile models.

The choice of a good or goods fans are not to be taken lightly because if your engine heats too much, the risk of break is not far and the budget to rehabilitate it will be much bigger than the price of good Spal.

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