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Autoblocker for car


What's the point? self-locking?

The problem we all encounter during the engine preparation is able to pass power to the ground for gagner time, so no to what good prepare an engine?

A traditional differential allows you to drive the vehicle on the road comfortably. Indeed, when you take a turn for example, the differential allows one wheel to rotate less quickly than the other in order to turn easily. But the perverse effect is that if a wheel loses grip then all the engine torque will be sent to this wheel and you will skate!

One. autolock differential allows you to drive a car! By its design the autolock differential will transmit torque on the wheel not on the wheel that loses grip but on the other wheel that is well in contact with the road. As a result, instead of foolishly skating, you're going to be continer to roll.

There are two different families of differential for motor racing.

The Torsen type differential which is a system that works by gearing, the advantage of this model is that there is no or little wear. The disadvantage, and not the least, is that if you have a wheel that doesn't touch the ground like this can happen on the circuit, the differential won't work. It works mainly on a straight line or on slight curves. Basically, it avoids skating to acceleration, which can be enough for someone who wants to run with his vehicle.

Then there is the disc system (also called ZF type) that works all the time even if you have a wheel in the air. The big advantage is that you will spend much faster in the corners than with a torsen.

We even realized the experience on the same vehicle with a differential Torsen Quaîf and a differential KaazIt's just day and night!

In conclusion, even if'disc blocker is a little more expensive than the other system is more than justified and especially more effective!


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