Turbocharged pressure
Pressure gauge

Turbocharged pressure

A turbo pressure gauge helps you check that everything is going well in your turbo circuit. Installed on the dashboard, this gauge allows you to measure the pressure on this component of your vehicle. This is an essential control tool as soon as you begin to increase your turbo pressure.

Turbo pressure gauge for all needs

Specialized in accessories dedicated to motor sport, our shop offers a selection of high quality gauges, on black background or on white background depending on your preferences. All of the turbo pressure gauges that we offer are reliable.
For even more precision, a turbo glycerin pressure gauge will help stabilize the needle. In the middle of the race, the driver of a racing car can in any case know all the information about the turbo pressure of his car.

Some of our gauges also benefit from blue lighting or a led backlight ensuring easy reading even at night and adapting to all circumstances. All you have to do is choose the turbo pressure gauge that meets your needs!

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