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Cam tree
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Cam tree

For many years, society Cat cams based in Belgium is specialized in the realization ofcam treesmade of hard cast iron or high-quality steel intended for automotive competition. By posing one cam tree competition Home Cat cams you are sure to make the right choice and enjoy their many years of research and development in motor racing.

Cat cams offers several types ofcam treeswhether for a soft configuration or for a large engine preparation, You must find the profile you need. Cat cams also offers cam trees for the atmo engine switch in turbo. The great advantage of CAT CAMS camshafts also is that they are made in a single piece to improve stiffness and fracture resistance which will allow you to take more turn, acceleration.

When chosen are cams racing tree there are two criteria to be taken into account, the degree of opening and the lifting of valve.

The degree of opening corresponds to the number of degrees during which the valve is opened. The longer the valve is open the more it allows to bring the mixture into the cylinder. We tend to say that a larger opening will increase the couple.

The valve lift is the maximum running of the valve, for example on an X engine the original shaft opens the 10mm valves while with a camshaft competition you will pass to 12mm which will give you 2mm more and if the valve opens again again it allows to let pass more mixture. There is a tendency to say that a larger valve lift promotes high-speed power.

Many parameters are to be taken into account when choosing a sports camshaft tree. To help you in your choice you can enjoy the online help available in the product pages. Below each reference you will find the use of the tree. For example dirt track for dirt track or race track etc.

Remember that when you put a cams racing tree you must recale the distribution according to the mounted tree. All necessary information is provided to you when purchasing.

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