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Exhaust hose
Stainless steel ø 76 mm x 1m - swapland

Exhaust hose

One exhaust hose a to absorb vibration from the engine or the various forces that are applied on the exhaust line when you ride with the competitive vehicle.

Thanks to stainless steel exhaust hoses, your line will remain flexible and will not damage your exhaust collector. If you do not put an exhaust hose on your line, when you speed up the engine will "bend" and the line by its length and weight will act as a lever arm and will put your collector torsion. You go straight to the exhaust manifold and the line.

These are exhaust tresses are made in stainless steel for a high level of quality and hold in time. They are available in many diameters and length 100mm or 150mm.

These are stainless steel exhaust hoses are reinforced with a flexible stainless steel sheath that crosses them. This sheath increases on the one hand the strength of the hose but also removes all shrinkage of the braid during high temperatures. It would be a shame to make you a beautiful line in 76mm diameter and to find you strangled with a braid that narrowed..

the stainless steel reinforced exhaust hoses are planned to be welded directly on your stainless steel line.

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