Egt manometer or exhaust temperature


La pose d'un EGT or exhaust gas temperature gauge is essential when optimizing your engine.

Indeed it allows you to control in real time the temperature of your exhaust gases and allows you to know where you are with the limits of your engine. Without EGT or gas temperature gauge you cannot optimiser perfectly your engine. We advise you in addition to laying a EGT to climb one AFR who will give you ratio of air to gasoline your engine. One. exhaust temperature gauge displays you in time real the temperature of your exhaust gases thanks to K-type probe fixed on the exhaust manifold. He's counsel.e to fix the probe out of ass to recover the beste possible information.

This accessory will allow you to pull the maximum power of your engine preparation while fiabilizing it. The maximum temperature of the gas must avoid exceeding 1000°C, starting from theto You know the limit not to cross to keep a reliable and efficient assembly.

We make available to you different types ofEGT with digital or needle displays.

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