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Thermal plate
Thermal plate protection for car

Thermal plate

In this category, we provide you with many articles that allow you to protect different parts of the temperature released by the engine, the turbo or the exhaust line. La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La engine preparation increases the power of your engine, resulting in an increase in engine temperature and its devices.

This temperature increase can be harmful to nearby parts, so to counter this radiation we make available to you various articles.

We have two models thermal plates online, there is a 1Mx1M model and a 20x30cm model. These are Thermal protections have the advantage of being self-adhesive and are therefore very simple to install. Be careful to clean and degrease the surface on which you want to paste your thermal plate. They are resistant to temperatures of 500°C and protect the parts on which they are glued such as your apron or wing passage.

We also offer you thermal protection sheaths for your candle wires in connection with the candles. These sheaths are very useful if your candle wells are quite deep as for example on the engines with 4 valves per cylinders that tend to make "cook" the candle wires and thus degrade them quickly.

We also offer different models thermal sheaths different diameters. We have anti-flammable sheath which is composed of a high temperature silicone wedding and fiberglass. That guy. thermal protection resists a continuous temperature of 500°C with short-term exhibitions of 2000°C. They are primarily intended for the protection of your gasoline durites or for the oil or water supply of the turbo. Then we have some titanium protective sheath larger diameter that protects, for example, your passing water durites near the exhaust line or turbo.

What we need to remember is that engine preparation and the extreme use of it significantly increase the temperature so if you don't want to even your working hours and your money go in smoke you have to protect the devices.

If you don't find your thermal protection clickhere to discover our whole range.

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