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Expansion vase
Car expansion vase

Expansion vase

The expansion vase (containing the cooling liquid) is often problematic when making a swap or engine preparation.

Indeed, the place often lacks and the original system can no longer keep its place, so it must be replaced by an optimized model.

What is a car expansion vase for?

Faced with this, we offer you different models of aluminium expansion vase that will solve this problem. The other advantages of the aluminum vase are that it is stronger than a plastic vase and the aluminum has as its property to disperse the heat, thus helping to cool the engine.

The sealing of the car expansion vessel is ensured by the presence of a hermetic cap on its top. It also has a sensor to evaluate the cooling water level of your vehicle, which will be transmitted to the dashboard. The expansion vase also avoids too much pressure inside the cooling circuit, taking into account temperature rises.

It is also important to change your expansion vessel if it is damaged. If the cooling fluid is leaked, you expose the close parts (cooling radiator...) to damage. Feel free to contact us before ordering to purchase your car expansion vase.

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