Petrol tank and buffer
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Petrol tank and buffer

Qu'est ce que un buffer tank?

It is a secondary gasoline reserve that is fed through the gasoline pump of the original tank.

The purpose of this buffer is to ensure the supply in petrol or E85 of your large flow pump in all circumstances and especially in the corners. Indeed, many car models have problems with fuel flooding during track use and many pistards are forced to roll with full fuel to reduce the problem. But who says more gasoline says more weight so performances less goods,

The flooding is very bad for your prepared engine because, in addition to providing an engine shutdown identical to a gasoline outflow, it changes the air/fuel ratio of the turnout. If your AFR is not good, the risk of breaking is not far above all that in this case you turn too poor and there is nothing worse than that to break an engine.

The fact of laying one buffer tank in your vehicle will allow you to no longer rain in the corners. So you can drive with much less gasoline and your large flow fuel pump will always be fed even in turn.

We advise you to pose a external petrol pump out of the buffer tank, the power supply of this can be done either by your original pump or by another high-speed petrol pump.

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