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copy of Turbo Pulsar sur roulement avec sortie 90°

Sélectionnez le modèle de turbo Pulsar :
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Pulsar turbo on double bearing with 90-degree output:

Select the desired turbo model from the drop-down menu.

Several options are available:

  • Compressor wheel: 363D(63*87mm, 7+7), 366D(66*91mm, 7+7), 369D(69*94mm, 6+6)
  • Turbine: T4 divided A/R 0.91, T4 A/R 0.88, Without exhaust


  • Rolling system: Double ceramic ball bearing
  • Compressor wheel: 363D(63*87mm), 366D(66*91mm), 369D(69*94mm)
  • Turbine wheel: 80*73mm Inconel 713c
  • Compressor input: 90° hose 2,5 inches
  • Turbine input: Divided T4
  • Turbine output: 4.21" Marmon
  • Arrival of oil: 1/4 Npt
  • Oil return: Type T4
  • Maximum flow rate: 100 lb/min
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