Spring eibach
Short spring Eibach for lowering

Spring eibach

Eibach, short spring reference

The brand Eibach which is no longer to be presented has a range of progressive short springs and sportsmen.

This brand is distinguished by its manufacturing quality obtained with a choice of high-end materials and faultless quality controls. This reputation allows it today to be considered one of the references in the field of short spring.

The advantage of short springs Eibach

Short springs Eibach reduce the centre of gravity of your vehicle (from -25 to -30 mm depending on the model). The result is a multitude of advantages, you will get a much more athletic behavior of the vehicle while keeping good driving comfort thanks to progressive spring technology. The spring is short Eibach can also be used for tuning: it will allow you to give a more sporty look to your vehicle.

The roll in the curves will also be reduced thanks to the laying of these springs Eibach, your car will veer more flat and keep the road better, thus also bringing better driving safety. ♪ lowering springs Eibach Let's meet perfectly for a soft preparation. We offer kits with two or four springs depending on the model of your vehicle.

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