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Stainless steel clamp, clamp & v band


The little ones retention collars Say "P" necklaces you will be very useful when making your swap. For example, you can attach your engine beam, your gasoline durites, your cooling circuit or even your power overflow thanks to these small clamps made of rubber-coated stainless steel. The Ø of the fixation hole depends on the Ø of the collar, you can attach them to your body (or other) using a screw / nut set or simply with a rivet.

Essential for a clean installation of your engine preparation!!

You will also find a whole range of T-bolt stainless steel necklaces which they are intended to maintain your over-eating, cooling liquid or even your exhaust line. These necklaces are wide to be able to tighten without tearing the durites, the clamping is when to it super powerful and is done thanks to a bolt system. With T-bolt necklaces, the durites can no longer make themselves evil!

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