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Echapp collector
Stainless steel exhaust manifold

Echapp collector

The interest of the exhaust collector for your vehicle

As its name suggests, the exhaust manifold is used to collect the exhaust gas out of the ass to send them to the exhaust line in the case of an athmo or compressor and turbo mount in the case of a turbo mount. Its function is to connect the different cylinders of the engine with the exhaust line. You will find here different models of exhaust collectors for your engine preparation but also all the accessories necessary for the manufacture of a custom exhaust collector such as adaptation plates, 4en1 etc. Our various parts, offered at various prices and diameters, are suitable for many vehicles regardless of their brand name (Audi, BMW, Opel, Peugeot, Toyota...) or their model.

The exhaust manifold is an integral part of a car’s exhaust system. Sometimes it’s not possible to find one that fits perfectly with your installation: in this case you have to make it yourself. Before ordering and buying your exhaust manifold, feel free to contact our team as needed.

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