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Kit pistons + forged blades
Forged piston kit + forged rods.

Kit pistons + forged blades

We offer kits here pistons + forged blades at very good prices. The pistons are made of Wossner, JE or Wisseco and PEC, ZRP, Wossner or K1. The combination of these brands allows you to fiabilize your engine while keeping a content price.

One forged piston allows you to fiabilize your engine because it is much stronger than an original piston by its material and manufacturing process, it will support much more constraints. For example, it increases your overpower pressure in the case of a turbo engine.

The second advantage of forged pistons is that it is also possible to modify the volumetric ratio of your prepared engine. You can increase it if you want to make a air conditioning or decrease it if you want to make a turbo mount for example. The increase will allow you to compress more and thus gain power, decrease it will allow you to add a surcharge on an atmo engine or increase overpower if your engine is already equipped.

In addition to gaining reliability, you will win in performance.

the forged buckets when they are there to turn the movement of the pistons into rotation of the vilebrequin. And if you increase the pressures on the pistons, those of the rods are also. It is therefore important to pose forgeds in addition to forged pistons.

We have therefore made for you different kits of rods and forged pistons to facilitate your research.

If you don't find the kit you need, please contact us via the page contactor at 0322241010.

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