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Turbo garrett series gt
Turbo garrett gt - swapland

Turbo garrett series gt

Why choose a turbo Garrett on bearings.

Garrett turbos from the GT range are the most expensive in the field motor racing. The GT range consists of different turbo models mounted on ball bearings. This range was born at Garrett in the 1990s, long reserved for the elite of the motor sport, it has gradually become a must for all in the field of engine preparation.

Compared to the old T-tier range, GT turbos benefit from better aerodynamics. Number of pieces to make a GT reduced by 45% (54 for 29 pieces) and said fewer pieces said less risk of failure!

Then the greatest evolution is the shift to ball bearings instead of bearings, the turbo needs less oil to operate and the bearings offer much less resistance so the turbo is easier to drive by the engine. A GT turbo will load much earlier than a T-series equivalent.

To sum up a turbo on bearings offers a better range of use, a better performance level and a better hold over time.

What turbo Garrett for your engine?

Even if the most famous model is the GT28RS(In reality) GT2860RS), the range of GT series turbos on bearings necessarily offers the turbo that fits well for your mounting whatever it is.

Whether you have a prepared small engine or a large V8 engine for example, Garrett is able to provide you with the turbo that suits your engine prepa.

Garrett offers a small and useful application to help you in your choice of turbo. All you need to do is to provide your various engine parameters, your power level target and the app with a choice of turbos that match your expectations.

Application choice of turbo.

If all times you encounter problems to choose your turbo Garrett, you're listening to your advice.

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