Turbo garrett series gtx
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Turbo garrett series gtx

Why a Garrett GTX turbo?

As Garrett never relies on its laurels, and with the aim of always doing better and stronger. What is the same for automotive preparation!

Garrett developed even better than the GT series turbos, this is the series Garrett GTX.

These turbos are the evolution of Garrett GTThe new generation.

This range features new compressor wheels that develop even better efficiency, the flow rate is higher and the pressure ratios are higher.

The wheels are made of forged aluminium.

This results in a larger range of turbo usage and even higher efficiency at high pressure.

Garrett GTX-R turbo are sold without exhaust bodies, the same as for the GT series turbos.

These turbos are intended for people wishing to make the most of their prepared engine.

Choose a Garrett GTX-R turbo.

To allow you to choose the turbo that best suits your engine prepa, we put on the article pages the power range of the turbos. It is important to choose a turbo to run it at its optimal efficiency. For example, we advise you to take a turbo from 400 to 700cv if you want to pull 400 to 450cv from your engine. For this power better turn to a turbo with a max power of 500cv for example.

If you don't find it Garrett GTX for your installation, we're here to help you!

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