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Oil radiator
High performance oil radiator

Oil radiator

Find in this category our range of products radiators of oil performance.

During extreme solicitations such as on track or rally, your oil prepared engine tends to heat and there are limits to the oil heating. At first we must always put good oil in a racing car because of its properties it will remain efficient on high temperatures unlike low-end oil. An oil that degrades is an engine that degrades and no one wants it. To deal with this oil heating problem, there is the oil radiator. It is a room in which the engine oil circulates and allows to achieve a thermal exchange with the air. For optimal performance of your oil radiator, it is therefore essential to position it so that it takes the fresh air as for example in front of your water radiator or in a bumper. The oil radiator is connected to your engine with stainless steel durites and one sandwich plate.

If you position your oil radiator on the horizontal, the connections must be on the top and if you go up to the vertical, the input must be on the bottom.

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