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Ignition candle
Racing ignition candle

Ignition candle

Find the range of high performance candles NGK.

performance ignition candles are specially designed for extreme uses. A candle won't make you gain power but it can make you lose it. So you have to take care of getting the right candles on your prepared engine, it would be a shame to lose cv because of bad candles.

The purpose of the ignition candles is to provide the best spark to ensure optimal combustion of your air/gasoline mixture.

spark plugs competition bring your engine an optimal ignition quality in all circumstances, they can withstand higher stresses than standard candles.

As a general rule, we recommend to put more cold candles than the origin because they have a higher thermal dissipation index, so they are more suitable for engine preparation.

For example, if you have an index 6, we advise you to mount a index 7 or 8, the cold start will be more complicated so you have to find the right compromise.

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