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Engine valve
Motor valve reinforced for competition.

Engine valve

intake valves are used to let your air/gas mixture enter your engine and let them in exhaust valves take the exhaust gas out to the exhaust manifold.

reinforced valves are specially made to support extreme conditions of use. When you prepare a engine for competition, you increase the temperature of exhaust gas to the limit. Thanks to the installation of reinforced valves, you back this limit so you can pull more power from your prepared engine. We strongly advise you to place a pressure gauge EGTto control this exhaust gas temperature.

It is also possible to put valves of greater diameter than the origin on your engine. Therefore, you increase the amount of mixture injected into your racing engine And therefore the power of the engine.Warning if you want to mount larger valves on your engine, you must make your valve seats factory according to the diameter of the new ones. A setting of your engine mapping is also necessary.

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