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Hydraulic system
Hydraulic circuit: engine oil circuit

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system a motor allows to reduce friction between moving parts in order to facilitate the slipping of these parts between them and to minimize wear.

competitive engines are especially subject to premature wear due to their great solicitations, so take care of the lubrication part of your racing engine. On this type of engine, it is essential to control the temperature of your oil via a oil radiator for example and it is equally necessary to be able to control this temperature through a oil temperature gauge.

The oil pressure must also be controlled by helping you with an anti-jauge or oil accumulator system that will return oil to your engine if its pressure becomes critical. Control of the oil pressure of your racing car will be done with a oil pressure gauge.

Oil flooding just breaks your engine, there are no more broken buckets on the circuits due to poor hydraulic fluid control. This flooding problem often occurs in turn due to the centrifugal force and the amount of oil that is retained in the engine in operation. The oil pump can turn without oil and the drama! Faced with this the main modifications to be made are to facilitate the descent of the oil to the oil tank, to partition it in order to block the oil on the pump and to pose a oil accumulator.

The basis for a good lubrication is already to choose a quality engine oil, specially intended for extreme use.

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