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Poulie vilebrequin
Vilebrequin aluminum pulley

Poulie vilebrequin

What is the role of a vilebrequin pulley?

We offer you in this category some models of vilebrequin damper pulleys from Spoox Motorsport and TTV RACING. These aluminum pulleys allow you to decrease the masses in motion on your prepared engine, which translates into more straightforward climbs. The fact of winning 1kg on a pulley may seem minimal but in reality it's much more complicated than that because moving parts are consuming energy for the engine while they don't return it.

Posing a lightweight mobile crew on your competitive engine is removing dozens of kg on the chassis!

How does the damper pulley work?

A vilebrequin pulley (or damper pulley) is activated by the engine but also by the car cam shaft. Its rotary movement makes it a real distribution piece. The vilebrequin pulley acts on different components of your vehicle, such as the water pump, the power steering pump, the alternator, but also the air conditioning compressor, up to the accessory belt.


It is advisable to regularly check the correct operation of your vilebrequin pulley, and make the change in case of problem. Among the symptoms that can mean a deterioration of the pulley, we can note noises of abnormal vibration or cries (on startup). On the dashboard, the alternator load light can also turn on. Note that a pulley in bad condition can be dangerous for the motor of the automobile, which is why it is best to change it if needed.

Our catalogue offers various price vilebrequin pulleys adapting to different engines. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact our team before purchasing your damper pulley.

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