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Fuel system
Fuel system

Fuel system

Here we are talking about fuel system and all its components. They all serve together to transmit to you prepared engine the petrol fuel or E85 optimally so that there is no shortage of anything and that it can function perfectly and especially 100% of its power. Generally the fuel whatever is stored in a tank. Il is sucked by a pump and is sent under pressure into the engine through a filter and injectors, then the unused fuel returns to the tank.

But in some cases, especially in track use, the pump is not always properly fuelled. So the engine finds itself running with a lack of gasoline (too poor), and everyone knows that an engine is too poor it is an engine that breaks!

It is therefore very important to ensure that your racing engine There's no shortage of petrol.

For the use of your vehicle on the circuit, we strongly advise you to place a buffer tank which will always have the role of providing your pump with the necessary fuel even if your main tank is in the process of unloading.

So here you find all the performance parts you need for your preparation, large flow pumps, filter filters, buffer tanks, gasoline pressure regulatorsand large flow injectors.

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Siemens Deka 840cc

Injecteurs Siemens Deka IV gros débit 850cc.

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