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Enhanced clutch
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Enhanced clutch

Black Diamond performance has developed 3 different performance clutch courses capable of transmitting the power and torque of your prepared engine.

The range of reinforced clutch from Black Diamond performance is available for more than 9,000 models of vehicles in three different stages so in total more than 27,000 clutch references!

Stage 1 – Fast Road

The internship 1 is recommended for vehicles with a torque increase of up to 15-20% in addition to the origin. The organic clutch disc is composed of a mixture of glass and copper fibers which provides good elasticity and good heat dissipation. The Stage 1 clutches hold a speed of 9000trs/mn,

The powerful spring of the mechanism used in the internship 1 creates greater pressure on the disk compared to an original mechanism to provide an immediate response and reduce unwanted skating. Thanks to its specific organic compound, the internship1 remains relatively soft.

Stage2 – Fast Road / Competition

The Enhanced Clutch Stage2 uses aramid fiber similar to the Kevlar and is recommended for vehicles having experienced a 30% increase in torque compared to the original, The clutch mechanism uses a pressure on the disc even stronger than the stage1 and takes a higher speed of rotation.

The internship 2 is capable of resisting high temperatures and sporting driving, so it is ideal for the track. Due to its very rigid materials, it is necessary to control its motor steering wheel to ensure that it has no bombing that would result in skating.

A run-up period is required during the position of this type of clutch.

Stage 3 – Full Race

Stage 3 clutch kits are recommended for vehicles with a torque increase of up to 60%. Skating discs use a mixture of ceramic and metal to ensure high torque and temperature. These skate clutches are recommended for highly prepared vehicles, they are ideal for the track.

Internship 3 is still usable "normally" even if you need to change your driving style (beginning more on a diet to take off).

Making the right choice of clutch is important.

No matter what type of Black Diamond clutch you choose, it will be made in high quality materials and made with precision.

The clutch mounts in direct replacement of your original clutch and requires no modification of your original engine steering wheel.

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