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Brake discs black diamond
Brake discs performance black diamond

Brake discs black diamond

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Black Diamond brake discs have been rewarded many times for their quality standard since their launch in 1991.

The G6 or G12 grooved brake discs increase the biting of your braking, the pointed discs improve the cooling and pointed grooved models are the combination of both systems.

Thanks to this wide range of performance brake discs, Black Diamond is able to solve many "problems" of braking or simply offer you the best possible braking.

Before laying your brake discs, it is very important to ensure that the disk support (moyeux) is clean, no rust etc.

Before starting to use the vehicle, the braking area must be cleaned with brake cleaner (and only brake cleaner) to remove all grease spots etc.

Brake discs can have a sense of assembly, it is very important to ensure that the discs are mounted in the right direction.

Also check the calipers and hoses during the discs.

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