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Sport brake pads
Sport brake plate

Sport brake pads

Thanks to the competition department many manufacturers develop a range of sport brake pads.

One brake plate racing Compared to a standard model, you bring a better braking power, basically it brakes stronger.

But manufacturers brake plate performance Also work on the endurance of the pads, that is to say that an original plate does not support or fail to link the big brakes. At the end of a moment its surface in contact with the brake disc heats so much that it gets hardened. The result is a loss of braking power and a harder brake pedal. It is said that the plate is "ice".

There are several ranges of platelets for motor sport which will allow you to use the vehicle. If you drive on the road in sport driving and a few runs outs a year, the brake pads will not be the same as for the pure pistards who want to rotate everyone in braking. Everything depends on the use of your racing car.

One sport brake plate brake directly, one brake plate racing needs a heating time to have 100% of its capacity.

For all new platelets, it is necessary to make a run. We must not put new plates and hope to make direct times. Generally count a session of 20 minutes before the plate is efficient.

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