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The group BorgWarner developed a branch of its automotive activity in turbochargers. It manufactures turbos for all types of engines and for all areas such as marine, industry and of course automobile. It equips many brands in the first place (the factory mount), demonstrating that the quality of its turbos is no longer to be done if brands use them on new vehicles.

The motto of BorgWarner Could be, if you need a turbo for anything, we have it!

Like here we're looking for turbos for the automotive preparation, BorgWarner has forcefully the turbos we need for theengine optimization.

We distinguish two ranges racing de BorgWarner turbo, there is the AirWerks range which consists of turbochargers mounted on hydraulic bearings. It is a sport range derived from the classic range turbos. They can boost your racing engine while keeping a price more than correct. But be careful, don't be mistaken we're talking about turbos for the engine preparation. They are able for some models to get out of the power of more than 1650cv!

Then there is the EFR range (Engineered for racing) which is the competition range at home BorgWarner. They are mounted on ceramic bearings and use titanium in their manufacture.

These turbos were designed to dominate the road, track and 400m!

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