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Sport brake disc
Sport brake disc

Sport brake disc

One. sport brake disc is a disc developed especially for motor sport, you should not believe that it is just a traditional disc with holes or grooves!

Manufacturers of brake discs for motor sport constantly develop their ranges to maximize the performance of their products. Compared to a traditional disc, the brake disc competition will have a much better heat resistance and a better braking power. They are generally made of steel and carbon. The coefficient of friction of the brake disc is higher than a classic disc.

An ideal brake disc for racing

sport brake discs are made to be mounted with brake pads of the same type in order to provide you with a powerful and enduring braking. You don't have to go up brake performance discs with original pads because they get iced quickly and you won't have any more brakes!

Generally, one grooved brake disc increases the power of your braking and sharp or pierced disc reduces the heat of the disc.


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