Petrol filter
Aluminium petrol filter

Petrol filter

Protect your injectors effectively from impurities through our range of products large flow gas filters.

We offer you models of gasoline filters for 8-9mm diameter durites or 10-12mm diameter durites. These are fuel filtershave a carnal male part that comes in the durites of gasoline. The durite will then be tightened by a necklace.

But if you want to make your complete circuit aviation connections or Dash, we have a petrol filter model for Dash6 or Dash8 connections to be directly screwed on the filter. In some category the petrol circuit must be fully realized with aviation connections.

It is also possible for you to place your filter directly into a gas pump inlet like for example when using a 044 pump in immersed in a buffer tank or directly into your tank via pumps Walbro or 040.

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