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Reinforced stainless steel durite


Durites allow to connect all the different organs of a racing engine together. It is therefore very important not to neglect the quality of these parts because a defective durite or with an unsuitable quality to its use can at best break you down, at worst breaking your engine in which you put all your efforts to get a racing beast.

We distribute a wide choice of silicone durites which allow you to realize your power supply circuit tailor-made, which is essential for a turbo upgrade or when making a swap. These are silicone durites you are also very useful for the realization of your custom cooling circuit when installing a larger radiator for example. Generally speaking, silicone durites resist at a maximum temperature of 180°C.

Speaking of cooling, you can also mount kits durites, compounds silicone durites specially made for your engine. These are silicon cooling durites rise in place of your original durites.

We also offer you oil durites or gasoline durites, they are reinforced in stainless steel and available in size Dash 4 (or AN4) at size Dash 12 (AN12). These are stainless steel durites ensure optimal protection of the fluids they carry. They are specially designed to hold the pressure, so you can do your oil circuit with, for example, if you want to mount an oil radiator or make your fuel supply circuit.

We also make available to you enhanced brake duritess' ditaviation durites" They are made of teflon and stainless steel weaving, which allows them to carry your brake fluid without distorting during the pressure. This results in a better bite during braking. ♪ aviation durites are specially made for the model of your vehicle.

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