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Vilebrequin motor
Vilebrequin motor for competition - swapland -

Vilebrequin motor

The vilebrequin motor is a very important part, it allows to train the gearbox, passing through the clutch mainly and other accessories like the alternator etc. It is driven by the bielles, they even put into motion by the pistons.

It is fixed on the engine block is guided by bearings. To optimize the positioning of the bearings we advise you to mount ARP reinforced bearing studs.

trimtal vilebrequin bearing pads ACL offer a reduction of friction and a better outfit in time than original pads. Attention it is important to have a well balanced mobile crew in order to reduce the effort on the pads.

aluminum vilebrequin pulleys are when to them anodized. Lighter than the first-wheel pulleys, they contribute to reducing the weight of moving parts. The result is a better engine speed.

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