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Intake valve
Intake valve

Intake valve

The role of the intake valve

The function of the intake valve is to let the air/gasoline mixture pass to the combustion chamber. For this purpose the intake valves are designed to open or close a path to the combustion chamber. These valves are powered by the camshaft itself synchronized with the low engine in order to deliver the optimal air/fuel mixture at the right time.

The purchase of your admission valve

Our shop offers several models of intake valves to integrate into your car to benefit from ever better performance. Note that an intake valve should be changed after a certain period of time.

They are exposed to a high temperature. Their opening/closed cadence (managed by the camshaft) is also particularly high.

If you want to make an engine preparation with the aim of pulling a maximum of horses from your racing engine, the forged intake valves are there for you.

They support temperatures above the original models and it is also possible for you to control valves with a higher diameter (necessitating the machining of your valve seats) so that you can get more air into the engine per cycle.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions concerning the purchase or use of your air intake valve. We remain at your disposal for any request for help or advice.

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