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Escape valve
Escape valve

Escape valve

The role of the exhaust valve

The exhaust valve has a crucial role in the smooth running of the different stages of the 4-stroke engine. Being closed during the first 3 stages (intake, compression explosion), it opens during the 4ème (exhaust). The opening of the exhaust valve causes the rise of the piston, allowing the burnt gases to be pushed to the duct, and thus expelled outside.

This mechanism also ensures the sealing of the combustion chamber during the explosion. Note that movements of exhaust valves (opening, closing) are synchronized through a camshaft. Recall springs are also used to ensure the proper movement of an exhaust valve.

Buy your exhaust valve

Specialized in auto optimization, our shop offers a selection of quality forged exhaust valves for your vehicle.
You are not without knowing that an exhaust valve is particularly exposed to heat throughout its operation. A good engine setting is therefore essential to ensure that any abnormal temperature rise can damage the exhaust valve.

For the production of your engine preparation, we advise you to install reinforced exhaust valves.

They support temperatures above the original models and it is also possible for you to control valves with a higher diameter (necessitating the machining of your valve seats) so that you can get more air into the engine per cycle.

For any purchase or help advice, please feel free to contact our team. We are at your disposal to answer your questions regarding the use of your exhaust valve.

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