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Turbocharger for engine power


The turbo is an air compressor that is driven by exhaust gas out of the engine through the exhaust manifold. These exhaust gases lead to the turbo exhaust wheel, which is linked to the intake wheel via an axis. So the exhaust gases lead to the exhaust wheel that drives the intake wheel located in the intake part of the turbo. This intake wheel in its housing is specially designed to compress the air that enters the turbo. This compressed air is then sent to an exchanger to cool it then to the engine intake collector where it is mixed with the fuel.

Concretely the turbo brings more air into the engine, so the engine is able to develop much more power. It is not uncommon to find turbo engines having doubled or tripled the power of the initial engine (without turbo). Unlike the compressor that is driven by the engine via a belt for example, the turbo does not consume power to run as it is driven by exhaust gases. The match is that it requires a loading time to give the engine power. This response time is also called "lag", the whole dilemma when installing a turbo is to find the right turbo that suits your engine and your use. If you take a turbo too big, the engine will come out of power only in the laps and will be hollow in low speed. Conversely if you take a turbo too small, the engine will walk down but will be shattered in the laps.

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