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Combined damper


A shock absorber combined is a shock absorber that you can adjust the body height thanks to a thread on its body. Spring is an integral part of body threaded. We offer you here different brands so that everyone can find his happiness.

V-maxx threaded bodies:

V-MAXX presents a wide line combined, which offer maximum flexibility to fix the correct body height of your car, from low to very low, easily. Made according to the highest quality standards for the choice of comfortable or sporty depreciation, suitable for daily use or in sports mode. Approved by the TüV in Germany. Warranty 2 years.

combined Xxtrêmes from V-maxx you offer all the qualities of a high-end material, but give in addition, about twenty possibilities of adjustment by means of a simple swivel button, at the front and back. The adjustment possibilities range from "comfort" mode to "ultra sport" mode. Approved by the TüV in Germany. Warranty 2 years.

body threaded Gaz-Shocks:

combined Gaz shocks are made in England. The range GHA nets combined allows you to combine comfort and performance. It is intended for people using their vehicle both on track and on road. ♪ GHA Gas Shocks combined are adjustable in relaxation and height. They are available for many models such as Audi TT, A3, BMW E30, E36, E46, M3, Mini, Z3, 2002, Citroën Saxo, Fiat 500, Punto, Ford Escort MK1, MK2, MK3, MK5, MK6, Sierra, Cosworth, Focus RS, Honda Civic, S2000, Turbo Lotus Elise, Mazda Mubister

The range ofGGA threaded body shock absorbers from Gaz-shocks is intended for motor vehicles. Gaz-shocks is an English brand that equips many vehicles participating in asphalt, ground or rally races.

This brand ofperformance shock absorbers manufactures its parts and assembles them directly in its premises in England. Thanks to this, the quality of its products is controlled from A to Z, so you are sure to acquire quality products. Each damper is tested at the end of manufacture, there is no room for error.

The other advantage that this brand offers is that because of the consolidation of all manufacturing steps, it allows you to achieve shock absorbers according to your use. This is an undeniable advantage over competition. When you receive your GGA sports shock absorbers, they are ready to be used in the category in which you roll. No need to send them to a specialty that will modify them for your use as it is done with other brands.

With this range GGA nets (gold), you can adjust the height of your body as you like and quickly thanks to a nut-proof locking system. The body height adjustment key is provided with shock absorbers.

It is also possible for you to adjust the compression/detent of your Skocks GGA gases by using a simple, accessible control wheel without any dismantling, which is very convenient for the development of your chassis race.

It is also possible to provide you with anodized aluminum swivels that go perfectly with your threaded bodies and will allow you depending on the vehicle model to adjust the carrot or hunting.

A range for all those looking for the win!

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