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Sport shock absorber
Sports shock absorber: sport suspension for racing

Sport shock absorber

One. Sport shock absorber is a damper that at first sight is identical to a first-mounted damper but whose use is intended for a more sporty driving.

These are sports shock absorbers by their design offer you a better road outfit by decreasing the roll of the vehicle but also by offering a better shock absorption. The driving accuracy is also increased.

shock absorbers for sports driving can be mounted with original springs or with Short springsaccording to the models. If you climb Short springs with your shock absorbers, in addition to the various advantages of the shock absorbers you will lower the height of the vehicle's centre of gravity and thus increase the road hold further.

Sports shock absorbers for racing vehicles can be gas or oil depending on the brand and model, but be sure that the models offered here greatly increase the road keeping of your vehicle.

shock absorbers for motor sport mount in place of your original parts and replace them favourably.

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