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Spring short
Short spring Eibach and V Maxx

Spring short

The function of the spring

The short spring allows you to enjoy optimal driving comfort. Installed on your vehicle, short springs (or dampers) will lower its centre of gravity (from 25 to 30 mm). Your car will benefit from a more sporty tuning look, while improving your experience at the wheel, avoiding the load transfer (brake diving phenomen) or the mass transfer (in turn) thanks to a roll reduction: a significant asset for the competition.

Thanks to these multiple advantages, the short spring (also known as a rebate spring) has become a benchmark equipment in the field of auto sport. We offer you a selection of short springs from brands recognized for their reliability (Eibach, V-Maxx) and suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Our kits are also approved by the TUV, attesting to their quality.

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