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Stainless steel elbow
Universal exhaust elbow from 15 to 90 degrees

Stainless steel elbow

stainless steel elbows are more than useful when realizing your custom exhaust line stainless steel or if you want to make changes to your current model.

We offer different models elbows in stainless steel with angles ranging from 15 to 90° and diameters from 40 to 89mm. What's going on? custom exhaust line, one exhaust descent, one exhaust manifold or a circuit external wastegate, you find here the elbows in stainless steel You need it. They can be welded directly together or on stainless steel tube.

You can also if you want to realize your power supply circuit with these stainless steel elbows, but we still advise you to realize it with aluminium elbows which are lighter and better heat dissipators.


There are two different flood families, the austenitic (non-magnetic) and the martensitic or ferric (magnetic) inx.

The stainless steel tubes or elbows we distribute are 304 or 316 depending on the sizes and are therefore magnetic or magnetised martensitic stainless steel if you prefer.

A stainless steel can be of good quality is to be magnetised, it is in no case a sign of poor quality even on the contrary. Martial stainless steel allows better protection, hardness and resistance.

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