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Stroker kit increase of cylinder
Stroker kit: increase the cylinder capacity of your engine

Stroker kit increase of cylinder

Take advantage of our range of stroker kit for increasing the cylindrical of your competition engine.

Thestroker kitfrom ZRP is specially designed to satisfy the demands of professionals but also individuals wishing to maximize the performance of theirracing car.

ZRP engineers combined the highest quality of materials and machining technology for the realization of these cylindrical increase kits.

Thestroker kit ZRPis a simple, efficient and easy-to-install solution for all road or track applications. Of course you have to disassemble and drive a motor to install it!

These kits are made for mounting onatmospheric preparationsor turbo.

They use three different modelsZRP vilebrequinsdepending on the final use of the kit, the ultra-light, light or standard.

The bielles used for these kits are of course theZRP forged bladesand the pistons are either Wossner, Supersport or Diamond specially made for these kits.

Thestroker kitmay seem expensive at first sight but if you add itvilebrequin forgé,forged bucketsandforged pistonsIt is now cheaper, the other advantage is that you do not have to take the head of the selection of the parts one by one. ZRP engineers have already chosen the best possible configuration for you.

Then the last and main advantage is the increase of cylindrical yourracing engineand which says cylindrical increase says increase in engine potential so more torque and more power!

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