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Turbo flange
Turbo flange and exhaust flange

Turbo flange

One turbo flange or turbo platinum you will be very useful to connect your turbo to your exhaust manifold or even your exhaust descent.

turbo flanges are most often made of stainless steel and laser cut.

Thanks to our range of products turbocharged plates, you will necessarily find the accessory you need for the realization of your engine preparation.

We have put in line many flange models for the biggest turbo brands like Garrett, Borgwarner, Holset etc.

Realize yourself Turbo manifold or your exhaust descent thanks to our turbo flanges.

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Bride d'entrée inox t25

Platine de turbo t25 Vous souhaitez adapter un turbo avec platine t25 sur votre collecteur ou réaliser vous même votre collecteur alors c'est cette platine qu'il vous faut.

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